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"Coach Lisle 100% knows what he's talking about...
and I would go as far to say that he is a better teacher of hitting than 95% of the coaches in pro ball including the guys in the big leagues."

Carl Nichols
Houston Astros & Baltimore Orioles

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Is the baseball swing different than the softball swing?

An Elite Swing is an Elite Swing. There is no difference between the mechanics of an elite baseball and elite softball swing.


"In my time as a college & professional softball player in the NPF and as current hitting coach in Division I softball I have worked with many incredible hitting minds, Matt Lisle being at the top of that list. The immediate improvement hitters see after working with him is unprecedented, and I highly encourage any hitter or coach to learn as much as they can from Coach Lisle."

-Sam Marder ~ Assistant Coach, College of Charleston
3 Time NCAA All-American
2012 National Pro Fastpitch Offensive Player of the Year


"Matt Lisle is an excellent teacher of the game of baseball. I have had the privilegeof working on and off with him for over 10 years. He has a true passion and understanding for the game, but more importantly the ability to break down the individual aspects to all ages."

-Scott Gorgen ~ Pitcher
St. Louis Cardinals


"Coach Lisle has the knowledge and ability to assist any player at any point in their career. He helped our daughter gain almost .150 points in her batting average in one season helping her to become the PAC-12 Batting Champion in 2013! Coach Lisle also genuinely cares about each player and rejoices with their accomplishments and builds them up when they struggle. Thank you Coach Lisle for helping our daughter attain her goals!"

-Tammy Peterson ~ Mother
Alexa Peterson, University of Oregon
Pac-12 Batting Champion and NFCA All-American



Coaches: You can be both tough/demanding AND fun/loving.

You don't have to choose one or the other.
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Thankful for coaches out there like this. Middle School Softball coach battling cancer. His players describe him like their father. Family First. I wish all coaches & players could feel the love that this team does. ... See MoreSee Less

I hope this softball coach from the Bronx and his students inspire you as much as they inspire me. I love this story.

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Parents: It's one thing to ask our kids to honor their commitments but why are we forcing kids to play sports they don't want to play?

If they're not interested in that sport, find one they are interested in or a musical instrument or any other activity they'll actually be passionate about.

Don't force them to "play" a sport they don't love.

Now lets be clear about 2 things.

1. If the athlete once had passion about the sport and has lost that, it can be re-sparked and as parents we have to discern and figure out the why of that. Sometimes they just need a break, sometimes it's a bad coach or bad teammates. Many times it's the parents. Finding out the true why is important.

2. Quitting a sport or activity mid-season doesn't fall under this "protection". If an athlete committed to an activity or sport for a season or period of time, they need to honor that commitment.
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