World Series Champion

Daniel Descalso

Now I take the swing I want with every at bat. I brought Coach Lisle in because of his knowledge of swing mechanics and his attention to detail. I love the results.

Freshman Baseball Player, Arizona State University

Hunter Bishop

Two days ago I hit a ball off the top of the scoreboard in right center, and yesterday hit a ball dead center 450 feet. Coach told me I have one of the best bat speeds he’s ever coached. Good start!!

3 Time NCAA All-American 2012 National Pro Fastpitch Offensive Player of the Year

Sam Marder

In my time as a college & professional softball player in the NPF and as current hitting coach in Division I softball I have worked with many incredible hitting minds, Matt Lisle being at the top of that list. The immediate improvement hitters see after working with him is unprecedented, and I highly encourage any hitter or coach to learn as much as they can from Coach Lisle.

Head Softball Coach University of Oregon

Mike White

Matt Lisle’s, The Hitting Vault, breaks down the swing in a simple way. This is great for all hitters that are learning the proper mechanics and fundamentals of how the body works. His experience as a hitting coach is beneficial for all hitters of all ages.

Assistant Baseball Coach Santa Clara University

Keith Beauregard

Coach Lisle does a fantastic job of articulating such a complex movement by using efficient terminology and tactical queues. Definitely someone leading the charge in the hitting evolution.


Former Houston Astros, Baltimore Orioles MLB Urban Youth Academy

Carl Nichols

I would go as far to say that Coach Lisle is a better teacher of hitting than 95% of the coaches in pro ball, including the guys in the big leagues.

Nikki Palmer, UC Riverside softball coach
Head Softball Coach UC Riverside

Nikki Palmer

Coach Lisle is one of the best in our game when it comes to knowing, analyzing and thinking at the next level offensively. We are working towards implementing his teachings in this coming year's offense and would recommend The Hitting Vault for anyone looking to take their game to the next level.


Regina J.

Even an experienced player will benefit from The Hitting Vault. Implementing this swing has been a game changer! The videos Coach Lisle has created help the hitter understand exactly what they need to work on.

Head Softball Coach Embry-Riddle University

Marie Thomason

Coach Lisle’s hitting knowledge was displayed last season with the Menlo College Oaks total of 49 home runs, almost nearly double of their opponents. He has the ability to teach his hitters to hit gap to gap and for power.

Head Baseball Coach Menlo College

Jake McKinley

Coach Matt Lisle is undoubtedly one of the top hitting minds in the game today. His program, The Hitting Vault, is not only contemporary and supported by science, but he's able to convey his message to students in a way that is easy to comprehend.


Head Softball Coach Olivet College

Derrick Brown

I highly recommend anything that Coach Lisle's stamp is on! The Hitting Vault has high level hitting instruction that is simplified for anyone at any level. I am always looking for great hitting coaches to validate what I do on a daily basis. Coach Lisle is that guy!


Andrea L.

My daughter has definitely improved her swing with The Hitting Vault. After three weeks this summer, she ended up with the highest batting average on her team. Highly recommended - unless your kid plays for our opponent.


Rayna B.

We have seen immediate results with The Hitting Vault. I was blown away! We couldn't be more grateful for the insight Coach Lisle's program adds. Our athletes look forward to the new content they add. Thank you!

Parent / Coach

Steve C.

The Hitting Vault helped identify what we needed to do right away. We started working on some necessary adjustments, and we cleaned up our player's swing mechanics. Very positive and professional.


Stacy R.

Riley has been working on the SwingBuild program. Yesterday she hit her first home run! It was a no-doubter! I can't thank you enough for The Hitting Vault.


Head Softball Coach West Texas A&M

Kevin Blaskowski

I think Matt Lisle is one of the top hitting coaches in our game today. I look forward to implementing the drills in The Hitting Vault into our program on a daily basis.

Parent of an NFCA All-American, PAC-12 Batting Champion

Tammy Peterson

Coach Lisle has the knowledge and ability to assist any player at any point in their career. My daughter, Alexa Peterson, gain almost .150 points in her batting average in one season and become the PAC-12 Batting Champion in 2013! Coach Lisle genuinely cares about each player. I’m excited that The Hitting Vault will make his guidance available everywhere.

Assistant Softball Coach, University of Oregon

Jimmy Kolaitis

Coach Lisle's knowledge of the swing is extensive. His teaching will help all young athletes become more efficient, productive hitters.