"Coach Lisle 100% knows what he's talking about and I would go as far to say that he is a better teacher of hitting than 95% of the coaches in pro ball including the guys in the big leagues."

Carl Nichols
Houston Astros & Baltimore Orioles


"In my time as a college & professional softball player in the NPF and as current hitting coach in Division I softball I have worked with many incredible hitting minds, Matt Lisle being at the top of that list. The immediate improvement hitters see after working with him is unprecedented, and I highly encourage any hitter or coach to learn as much as they can from Coach Lisle."

- Sam Marder 
3 Time NCAA All-American
2012 National Pro Fastpitch Offensive Player of the Year


"Matt Lisle is an excellent teacher of the game of baseball. I have had the privilegeof working on and off with him for over 10 years. He has a true passion and understanding for the game, but more importantly the ability to break down the individual aspects to all ages. "

- Scott Gorgen
St. Louis Cardinals


"Coach Lisle has the knowledge and ability to assist any player at any point in their career. He helped our daughter gain almost .150 points in her batting average in one season helping her to become the PAC-12 Batting Champion in 2013! Coach Lisle also genuinely cares about each player and rejoices with their accomplishments and builds them up when they struggle. Thank you Coach Lisle for helping our daughter attain her goals!"

- Tammy Peterson ~ Mother Alexa Peterson, University of Oregon
Pac-12 Batting Champion and NFCA All-American


"Coach Lisle has a passion and a great love for the game of baseball. I have been working with Matt on and off for over 10 years. He has a great knowledge for the game of baseball and has the ability to instruct players of all ages. I would recommend anyone who has a desire to play the game the right way to work with him. You will become a better player because of the fundamentals taught by Coach Lisle."

-Matt Gorgen
Arizona Diamondbacks


"Coach Lisle is a winner. I have worked with him on and off for 15 years, and his attention to detail and love for the game is unmatched. His attitude and determination makes everyone around him want to become a better player. No matter the level at which you are competing, Coach Lisle will make you better. I highly recommend his coaching and instruction to anyone that is trying to take their baseball game to the next level."

- Clayton Tanner ~ San Francisco Giants
3rd Round Draft Pick of SF Giants (89th Overall) in 2006


"Coach Lisle's knowledge and passion for the game have inspired me to work hard and strive for excellence. His physical and mental approach to the game helped me reach the Division I level in college baseball. By working with him you will receive the tools needed to succeed on the diamond."

Sean Burns
2007 Contra Costa Times HS Player Of The Year​


​"Coach Lisle has taught me both the physical and mental sides of baseball. He gave me the knowledge of how to compete at the highest level and the understanding of how to play the game the right way."

- Matt Flemer 
2007 Northern California HS Player of the Year


​"Coach Lisle took me to the next level and helped to give me an opportunity to play Division I baseball in an elite conference. I recommend this instruction to any young player hoping to do the same."

- Alex Jensen
2007 Saint Mary’s College Pitcher of the Year


"​​I can attest to the knowledge and passion Coach Lisle possesses. Coach Lisle was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals as a baseball player and his enthusiasm and love for the game are unparalleled."

Jack Bonnikson 
2005 Team One Top 40 Player in US​​


"Coach Lisle helped me achieve my goals at the Division 1 level. His ability to motivate and educate makes him one of the best coaches I have worked with. His winning attitude pushes all his players to be their best on and off the field."

- Doug Buser
University of Oklahoma & Seattle University​


"Coach Lisle has an unmatched knowledge for the game of baseball, but what helps make him standout amongst other coaches is the passion he has not only for the game, but a passion for developing young ball players into winners. I owe Coach Lisle a lot. He still works with me gives me in depth analysis of my swing 3000 miles away. "

- Tillman Pugh
Chicago White Sox Organization